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General Questions

We ship your ordered product after receipt of payment, within 24 hours on working days. You will automatically receive two emails. One when the payment has been completed and one when the order has been shipped.

Salora accepts returned items as long as they are returned within 14 days after receiving the order. Always enclose a copy invoice or copy of packing slip. Furthermore, the product must be in its original, undamaged condition, complete with any accessories. We do not credit invoices for used or damaged items.

When ordering items ordered via, Salora does not charge shipping costs within the Netherlands.

Orders placed on from a country other than the Netherlands are shipped free of charge from 250 euros.

The shipping costs will be shown in your shopping cart when ordering.

The Salora products are available at the larger and small retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium. On the product page you will find a button "where available", here you will find an overview of the retailers where the product is for sale.


Do you have a Salora television with a DVB-C tuner and are you unable to install the channels correctly? Then we are happy to help you with the instructions below.

6500 series [link naar pdf]

2100 series [link naar pdf]

2800 series [link naar pdf]

Salora has been supplying televisions with a Ziggo certification since 2013, .do you want to know whether your old or new television is Ziggo certified, click on the following link

Television providers have released several CI + modules over the years. This may prevent your new TV from recognizing this module. All current Salora televisions support CI + modules from version 1.3. and up. Do you have a 1.2 version? This will not work on the new television.

To install the channels, the TV must be reinstalled. Check with the provider for the correct information regarding the frequency and network id.

Ziggo Caiway Delta

Then your television needs an update. An update can be requested via the contact form or via Please state the complaint, the model number and serial number. We need the serial number to download an update. This is not possible without a serial number.

Some Salora models have a 12 volt connection. Which makes it possible to power the television set via a 12 volt connection This is perfect when using en route, at the camp site or on a boat Most 22" and 24" models are equipped with this 12V power supply. Whether the devices are equipped with a 12V connection is stated in the specifications, here you can also find whether the 12V cable is included.

Do you not only like to watch TV, but do you also enjoy listening to the radio? This is also possible via the television. When watching TV and having a channel on , you do as follows:

Option 1

  • Press MENU
  • Go to "Channel list"
  • Select "Active Channel List"
  • Choose Radio Only

Option 2

  • Press "OK / ENTER"
  • Go to "Channel list"
  • Press the blue button (filter)
  • Set "TV / Radio" to "Radio only"

There is not always a solution for this. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the universal or programmable remote control to develop codes for Salora televisions. If the available codes don't work, we have virtually no alternative.

Pairing Ziggo

Pairing KPN

Pairing T-Mobile

Pairing Tele2


Lumen is the total light intensity the projector can emit. ANSI lumens is the actual light intensity projected on the wall from the minimum projection distance. Light intensity decreases when the distance between wall and projector increases.

Salora projectors are equipped with a LED lamp. A LED lamp produces less light in comparison with DLP or Laser technology. That is why we recommend darkening the room as much as possible where the projector is located.

A projector produces a lot of heat. This heat must be dissipated via a built-in fan. This noise is kept to a minimum so that it is not perceived as a nuisance.

LED heeft twee belangrijke voordelen: LED is zeer energiezuinig en ledlampen hebben een extreem lange levensduur tot meer dan 30.000 uur.

Portable DVD-players

If your Salora portable DVD player is equipped with a USB and / or SD connection, you can indeed play media files.

Officially, the maximum supported capacity of the USB port and SD card reader is 2GB, but in most cases a USB stick or SD memory card of a larger size will be easily read. A condition is that the USB stick and / or SD memory card FAT32 has been formatted.
In itself you can use any USB memory stick, only with USB MP3 players we can not guarantee proper operation. As already mentioned: the condition is that the stick FAT32 has been formatted.
Also for SD cards, almost all SD cards can be used. Depending on the capacity, SD cards are available in various versions, such as SD, SDHC and SDXC. We can not guarantee proper operation of the latter. You will have to determine this by trial and error. As already mentioned: the condition is that the stick FAT32 has been formatted.
External USB hard drives are also recognized by the Salora portable DVD player, provided they meet the same conditions as USB sticks. In particular, disks with a capacity larger than 500GB are usually standard NTFS formatted and this file system is not supported. So also for hard disks, this FAT32 must be formatted.

The Salora portable DVD players support a variety of video and audio files. For audio we advise you to use MP3.


This is slightly more complicated for video. The currently most popular video formats are AVI, MP4 and MKV. . For both AVI and MP4 applies that these occur in a large number of different variants, called codecs. The support is therefore related to the codec used. For example, with AVI the popular format DivX is partially supported, as long as the file is viewed on one screen (especially difficult for portable DVD players with 2 screens). And MP4 files with codec H.264 developed especially for High Definition playback can not be played back.


We therefore recommend the following parameters for a correct display of AVI files:


Format: avi
Video codec: xvid
Audiocodec: mp3
Resolution: 720×405


For MP4 applies:


Format: mp4
Videocodec: MPEG4
Audiocodec: mp3
Resolution: 720×405


MKV files are not supported by the Salora portable DVD players.

In that case, first check whether the USB stick / disk or SD card FAT32 has been formatted. Other file systems are not supported. Then check whether the file you specified meets the conditions, as described above There are many (free) programs on the internet for checking the files, such as the popular Handbrake or the extremely user-friendly Freemake Video Converter With these programs you can also convert the file to a supported format.

If you are in possession of a Salora portable DVD system with 2 screens and when playing a movie, the second screen will remain blue, while you hear sound, the following may have the following causes:


- On the DUO models (such as DVP7748DUO) the second screen with the remote control should be set to AV In. If this is set to AV Out, you will hear sound, but you have no picture.


- The connection cable must be fully inserted into the connection. This can sometimes go awry.


- If you view files via the USB or SD port, it is possible that the relevant file is bound to licenses. This means that the file is only shown on the main screen and not on the second screen. By putting the player in the settings on NTSC color system, you have a picture on both screens. As already mentioned, many (free) programs can be found on the internet to check the files, such as the popular Handbrake or the extremely user-friendly Freemake Video Converter. With these programs you can also convert the file to a supported format.


If you still have questions despite these steps, please contact us via


Download the explanation in PDF format here


Netflix automatically sends Dolby audio sound along with a movie or series. The sound bars do not support this. When a film or series starts you will see a text cloud at the top left. Here change English by Default to English only. Now you have stereo sound and the soundbar is working again.

Check the sound settings on the television. If the television is set to Dolby, change this to stereo or PCM.